Foaming Floors Foam Armor Product Data Sheet

Enhance Your Carpet Care with Foam Armor from Foaming Floors

Discover the exceptional cleaning power of Foam Armor, a sophisticated carpet cleaning solution expertly designed for wool carpets. This product stands out for its advanced polymer technology, which isolates and encapsulates residual soil during cleaning. This process not only renders the soil inert upon drying but also facilitates easy removal through vacuuming, ensuring prolonged carpet cleanliness.

Key Benefits and Features of Foam Armor:

  • Advanced Cleaning: Encapsulates soil for easy removal, maintaining prolonged carpet cleanliness.
  • Specialized Formulation: Ideal for wool carpets and compatible with the Fast Foamer System.
  • Efficient and Eco-Friendly: Biodegradable, clear liquid with a slight scent, and a pH of 7-9.

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