The Fast Foamer System With High Energy Foam Removes Sharpie Permanent Ink from Carpet

In collaboration with Foaming Floors and Professional Testing Labs, I’ve recently been conducting tests to examine the cleaning effectiveness of the Fast Foamer System with High Energy Foam. As part of the testing protocol, I created a standard carpet template where samples can be inserted and cleaned. I drew marks at one-foot intervals with a Sharpie permanent ink marker on the carpet template to consistently measure distance and track time. Throughout testing, I observed that the permanent ink from the template was actually fading and being removed by HEF.

I know this amazing chemistry well. It’s capable of cleaning 9 out of 10 coffee spots and stains (yes, stains), and although VDS or ink remover is used for cleaning ink from carpet, the only time my technicians use a VDS in the field is for asphalt tar, gum, latex paint drips, etc. Everything else comes out with HEF.

See the results for yourself. The video below documents the removal of Sharpie permanent marker ink from a Bentley Mills carpet tile remnant (Lost Angeles Collection, Salton Sea 806305).

Seeing HEF remove permanent ink from carpet raised a question in my mind.  Was the successful ink removal bolstered by the mill applied finishing chemistries (aka protectant) or is the Fast Foamer with HEF just that good? To explore this, I ran another test with a virgin (untreated) test sample provided by Professional Testing Labs. It was a success!

These photos show the results from cleaning the untreated (virgin) carpet using the same chemistry, equipment, and procedure as in the video above. You can watch the video of the cleaning process for this carpet sample here.

The ink definitely took longer to remove, with a lot more agitation, using various spot agitation techniques. Some may think that the extended cleaning time may cause pile distortion or damage, however, I used .17 to .25 brush deniers, so those concerns are minimal.

Testing Details:

  • HEF dilution 12 oz per gallon
  • Fast Foamer set for very high air fraction foam (dry foam) aka High Energy Foam
  • Brush Deniers Used:
    • White (.17)
    • Grey (.23)
    • Blue (.35)

Brushes were used in various sequences depending on the visual improvement.

Steve Brown Infinite Floorcare Atlanta

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