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The Fast Foamer System is

The Fast Foamer System is an innovative deep cleaning system that combines a mobile cart, a high-capacity solution tank, and a modified counter-rotating brush machine to generate state of the art High Energy Foam. It’s the first CRI SOA certified deep cleaning system that can be used for low moisture or interim cleaning.

Our system achieves amazing cleaning results, oftentimes better than hot water extraction, especially when comparing the cost of soil removal per pound. 


State-of-the-art Cleaning Technology

We reverse engineered our revolutionary deep cleaning system to solve issues other commercial floor care equipment and systems can't.

CRB Machine

Counter-rotating brush machines are most preferred for low-moisture cleaning by carpet manufacturers.

Large Capacity Tank

Eliminate multiple trips to the water closet for refills with the Fast Foamer's 20 or 40 gallon tanks.

Ingenious Combo

Our proprietary tether supply apparatus connects CRB to tank for delivery of our High Energy Foam.

Innovative Design

The 5 wheel base makes it easy to transport all needed equipment, materials, and chemistry in one trip.

Our system outranks every competitor in the market.

No other commercial floor care equipment or system comes close to doing what the Fast Foamer does.

Advanced Ergonomics

The lightweight design makes our system easy to maneuver, less fatiguing than heavier machines, and simpler to transport all necessary equipment and materials in one trip.

Increased Productivity

Designed for single person use, the Fast Foamer provides lower cost per square foot by eliminating water closet refill trips and speeding up dry times with innovative chemistry.

Designed for Occupied Areas

Our High Energy Foam is not aerosolized and contains no VOCs so breathing and chemical sensitivity issues are avoided. The low dB, quiet operation means no disruption in the workplace.

Environmentally Friendly

Our system has lower amps and water consumption per pound of soil removed, produces no waste water pollution, uses biodegradable ingredients, and provides landfill relief through carpet longevity.
Mill & CRI

Third Party Tested

The Fast Foamer System has been independently tested and reviewed by a third party laboratory and is approved for intermediate and restorative carpet cleaning by mills. Additionally, our chemistry and equipment is approved by the Carpet & Rug Institute.
Carpet & Rug

Seal of Approval

The Fast Foamer System has the Carpet & Rug Institute's Seal of Approval, the only low moisture cleaning system rated above Bronze level. We offer all the benefits of hot water extraction in an environmentally friendly machine that reduces noise disruption and increases overall productivity.

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