Safe for Use

Eliminates aerosolization of cleaning chemistry that occurs with wand type sprayers. Thus, reduces environmental hazards due to chemical sensitivities and allergic reactions. Cleaning solution is well contained and there is no over spray on furniture, walls and flooring surfaces. Foam has a much faster dry time which reduces slip falls in the workplace. Operates at below 60 decibel, meeting LEED certified buildings. Operates at a very low noise level and less disruptive to workplace.

Increased Productivity

Capable of cleaning 3,500 sf/hour with a 15” CRB machine and 4,000 sf/hour with a 20” CRB machine. Addresses the shortage of labor. Less labor needed to complete jobs and yields greater profits.

Highly Efficient

Both the 20-gallon and the 40-gallon capacity carts eliminate trips to the water closet. Compared to the current 1.5-gallon capacity solution vessels that needs to be refilled many times during a shift.

Advanced Ergonomics

A low profile, very maneuverable and low fatigue machine that cleans in any direction making it easy to move around obstacles.

Mill Approved

Meets mill approved standards and compliance with warranties.

Environmental Impact

Lighter footprint on the environment than other cleaning systems. Low fossil fuels and little water consumption.

Best Value

High performance and increased efficiency make foam technology the best monetary value. No more disappointing stained or soiled flooring. Foam cleans efficiently, performs well and dries quickly, ensuring a satisfied customer.