20 Gallon Cart

Designed for a 1-person operation. The cart has a 5-wheel base which makes it easy to maneuver. Built in handle grips for easy lifting into and out of the vehicle. The cart is designed to hold and transport the counter rotating brush machine (CRB), cleaning solutions and extension cords. It has a flat top surface that can also be used to transport materials. A 20-gallon water capacity. Comes with an extra electrical outlet to plug in a vacuum cleaner or other equipment. Built in funnel for easy filling and a ball valve for easy emptying.

Dimensions: 22”W x 33”H x 35”L

Weight: 65 lbs

1-year warranty with purchase of High Energy Foam

40 Gallon Cart

Performs the same as the 20 Gallon Cart but has additional features. Has a larger storage platform to accommodate and transport other floor cleaning machines such as a water extractor and flooring buffer. It comes with 2 additional electrical outlets to provide a power source for these additional pieces of equipment.

Dimensions: 26”W x 33”H x 48”L (Extends to 58”L with CRB platform tray)

Weight: 95 lbs

1-year warranty with purchase of High Energy Foam

CRB Machine

Available in a 15” or 20” wide machine. Retrofitted to deliver foam. Control functions are on the CRB machine for easy accessibility. Has a built-in hour meter to track productivity.

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Ancillary Items